Beyond making tables, I love crafting other furniture pieces.  These pieces can allow the client and myself  a degree of latitude and are, almost always, a thrill to work through. 

For instance, a client might ask for a console table and subsequently fall in love with a specific piece of reclaimed wood.  From there it becomes about designing  the unit  to incorporate the chosen  wood while maintaining  its character..  Alternatively a client might have a very defined need  and/or aesthetic concept in mind and together we'll work to most effectively achieve their vision using materials at hand..

Over the years, I have had the privilege of working with hundreds of clients, building some incredibly unique and fun furniture and non-furniture pieces..  Almost 10 years later, I am still always humbled by the trust they place in me.  

Whether designers, home-owners or corporations, the process often becomes quite  personal and upon final delivery wonderfully cathartic.  Their are few things more enjoyable to me than delivering a finished piece and seeing the joy  in a client's face.