BeReclaimed - Reclaimed Wood Table - Salvaged Pine on Custom Metal Legs - Evergreen Brick Works.jpg

I was lucky growing up to have a mother who always insisted that we work to repair small household problems ourselves.  Little did I know that this DIY approach to home-maintenance would be a pivotal stepping-stone to running my own furniture company.   There was, and still is, a lot to learn, but at least the basic understanding of how a hammer hammered and sandpaper sanded was there.

Fast forward 10 years,  I  caught the entrepreneurial bug and worked in the accounting, recruiting and development fields .   Somehow these didn't take.  Fast forward another 10 years, and I found myself contemplating the next step when a good friend mentioned a pile of reclaimed timbers that he'd squirrelled away.  Between selling the timbers as-was and making my first retail pieces of furniture my future finally came into sharp relief.   I also managed to find an incredible and like-minded partner in Corynn ( and together we are barreling forward working to build our respective businesses and sharing ideas.  It's amazing that no matter what the business the lessons are ostensibly the same.

Along with an incredible palette of reclaimed wood, I was fortunate enough to have found one of the city's most inspiring workshops.  Working from Building 4 at Evergreen Brick Works I had and have the privilege of crafting my pieces in an oasis of green in the centre of Toronto.  My shop has soaring ceilings and incredible array of architectural and industrial history.    While it might be rustic, the rays of sunlight that stream in through the second floor shattered windows is inspirational.

Finally, I've also had the luck to open a second location in Collingwood, Ontario.  Working out of an old garage, I'm looking forward to furthering my artistic explorations and developing new friends, partnerships and relationships in this incredibly dynamic and expanding community.

If you are looking for reclaimed wood, a new piece of furniture or want some advice on a DIY project, I'd be thrilled to chat.  Come by the shop (call first) or simply shoot me an e-mail.