In my experience  tables are the most important piece of furniture in one's  home.   A good table offers a solid foundation and acts as a focal point, bringing together friends and families.  From simple dinners to holidays and celebrations, from the daily grind of homework to esoteric hobbies, from quick chats to wine-bottles long catch-ups, tables can stand up to it all.  It is this centrality, that makes tables such a privilege and pleasure for me to work on.

From my first conversations with clients regarding their specific hopes and wants for their table to the follow-ups and then on to delivering the finished product the process is one that I find incredibly cathartic and always strive to ensure  my clients do as well.

A typical table project begins with the client visiting me at one of my shops.   I love hearing their thoughts and puzzling through how best to achieve their goals.  We'll look at some samples and peruse some images and sketches.  From there, we'll take a step back to reconvene soon.   My goal at this point is to ensure I have the ideal material for the project and have correctly interpreted the client.  I ask the client to take another look at their space, perhaps with a sample to contrast against the existing palette.   Wherever possible I make site visits to personally understand where the table will end up.  Once we're sure of our end goal, the table production begins; beams are milled, planks are planed and/or sanded, stains are tested, finishes applied, legs crafted, finishing touches applied, waxes buffed in.  When everything is ready, I call up a friend, call in a favour-chit, and delivery occurs.